iPhone App to Control your Onkyo Reciever

Comming to the iPhone app store near you!

ONKOTRON! The First iPhone Onkyo Remote Controll!

Control multiple zones and get the mute option your Onkyo remote is actually missing, be able to control the stereo inside while your sitting in the backyard. Available for the iPad and the iPhone.. Fantastic!!


New File Share Location

File Share Software

www.convmyvideo.com is a new file share location with all the video conversion, mp3 software trails available.


Graboid Coupon $4 OFF Gold Subscription

Graboid - Free TV and Movies

Graboid Coupon Alert! Limited First 1000.

Grabiod Gold Coupon - UPDATED FEB 9, 2009

Don't lose access to the Graboid system when you can get a great deal on a subscription, I have just got this coupon extended. $4.00 off.. Coupon: A8D2429C52 for $4 off a Gold membership (new, or upgrade from Silver). Our friends over at Graboid have extended this coupon for 1000 uses.

Silver Coupon: Silver1

Take $1 off the Silver account. This is a great way to try out the service.

Remember, Graboid is no longer a free service, after your trial you'll need to subscribe to a plan for as low as $4.99 a month. You not only get access to HD content, you'll also get faster downloading speeds.

Get the 30 Day Trial Version Today


Getting all Lovely, With Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts is a free website, that allows you to create flow charts, logic diagrams and organizational charts, the best part about it! The charts look great, and well it doesn't cost to use it. Now like any free service, they do have upgrades, and they are reasonably priced.

NetFlix Post 600,000 additions, Lot's of options for recession planning families.

Unlike the auto sector that is recording record losses in the last couple of quarters, the recession is a boon for some, as we have seen with NETFLIXs recent numbers just released. Netflix has added some 600,000 subscribers since January. Now as most families have started to divert their entertainment budgets for going out, to staying hunkered on the family couch. Digital downloads will be on the rise as well, as numbers from the XBOX360 (oh yah that’s NetFlix) Sony Playstation and Apple-TV / iTunes as well as Amazon start to post out there first quarter numbers.

Now it’s not just the big brick and mortar companies making a killing off the recession trenches, it’s also sites like Hulu and CinemaNow and a slue of others.

Now out of the MPAA legal online movie list, my favorites in no particular order.


See the entire list here: http://www.mpaa.org/piracy_LegalOpt.asp

Now most, if not all of the MPAA content is USA only, so your legal options out side the USA differ.

The Mophie Juice pack air - Spring 09 - Pre Order Now

The Mophie Juicepack Air

mStation|mophie have announced the Juice Pack Air ( www.mophie.com/products/juice-pack-air), the world’s thinnest apple-certified external battery for iPhone 3G. The rechargeable
1200 mAH lithium polymer battery housed in an ultra-thin case virtually doubles the amount of time you'll be talking and surfic and rocking away or just gaming on your iPhone 3G. The Juice pack air will be available Spring 09 and at Apple stores and mophie.com for $79.95 in Black, White, and Purple.

The world’s thinnest Apple certified “Works With iPhone” external battery in the world!

• Rechargeable 1200mAh lithium polymer battery virtually doubles your time to rock, talk, surf and send.
• Pass-through USB charging and sync with iTunes
• Extended smart battery and full case protection
• On/Off switch offers choice of battery or case
• Integrated 4 LED charge status indicator


Today's Time Waster

This little time waster will keep you looking at you computer screen, finding the differences in Dreams is not always that easy. It's illustrated extremely well. Check out Dreams at Kongregate.com : http://www.kongregate.com/games/DifferenceGames/dreams

What will happen now that Apple is at 20,000 and Microsoft wants in!

Well, it's obvious, don't make it look like an apple, Sound like an apple or taste like an apple, and you might avoid a law suit. It's "APPLE'S" and Oranges in this case, and the MS App store will of course, have no iPhone or iTouch applications but will carry everything for everyone else, well that's my guess! What does the iTunes store care anyway, they have 20,000 apps, lots of fart noises and gag apps to satisfy almost every kid at heart!

Oh and what will android do! well, probably force all the Google apps down on you!!


With 20,000 Apps, iPhone is Ready for Business

How bazzar: Microsoft poised to launch AppStore-style service


I'm a PC -> Really! I thought I was at www.apple.com

Two Dudes and two PC's

And the video demo makes sure you know they are PC's. It's too funny! You know what would be even better! If every copy of Windows 7 shipped with an I'm a PC sticker in it's box.

You know, I'm on the Windows 7 product page, I'm viewing the Windows 7 quick demo. I'm also aware that a Windows machine is a PC. The obvious must be lost on some, and these two guys sort of resemble the guys from the Mac vs PC commercials. Don't they.. 1 Geeky 1 Balding!

iPhone vs Google Android in a Multi Touch - Sans Comic..

Apple has a law suit against Palm for the Pre, Google complied with no multi-touch on the G1, and that about wraps that up! Oh, if you want to digg a little deeper into the topic. Source has a decent write up!

Google Maps Mobile - new version just doesn't start on Blackberry Curve

Mobile Google Maps

We have noticed that the new version of Google Maps does not start, it dies directly after the splash screen. Comment if you have it working or if you are having the same issue. We have tested this on the Blackberry Curve and have confirmed this issue. It may be fine on other smart phones and Blackberry models.

The new version includes Google Latitude, you can now find out where your friends are when starting up mobile Google maps. This feature yet cool, has the GPS running to track your movements, which is a huge drain on battery life.

To try out Google Maps Mobile use this page to send the installation link to your phone.

Windows 7 Beta Comes To An End! Feb 10th-12 AM PST

So, That it! if you didn't have the download in progress by 12 AM PST Feb 10,2009. You won't be getting a hold of the Windows 7 Beta unless you have an MSDN subscription or Technet, and if you do have the download in progress, you have until Feb 12 9AM to complete the transmission.

So Window 7 Beta is signing off, and what does it mean. Obviously, Windows Release Canidate 1 is coming real soon, moving us ever closer to a product launch, and Windows 7 on a machine in Best Buy near you.


Kindle 2 Quick Stats

Amazon.com lauched the Kindle 2 today at it's press release.

Here are a few of the Kindle 2 Stats.

. Less than 60 seconds to download most titles
. Wireless 3G technology, with no monthly bills, service or data plans
. Single battery charge can last up to 2 weeks
. Thin as a typical magazine, and lighter than a paperback book
. Can store up to 1500 titles
. Text to speech feature
. Kindle store has more than 230,000 books, plus top newspapers, magazines and blogs available

Available for Pre-Order at Amazon.com

Run your iPod Solar!

This little solar battery by Battech is equipped with a 5.5V 80mA (mono or multi-crystalline) solar panel, and a USB charging cable. Now if your at the beach or out camping, you can keep power running to your iPod. It's connectors will connect to most of todays mobile phones, PDA's and Game Consoles as well. You can also use the USB charging system by connecting it to any computer, for a quicker charge.

More information

Turn Ads into Art, Costing more than you know

Add to Art A Firefox plugin.

Are you an Ad - Hater. Well sometimes, the search for a girl near you, or the oh she's so hot for you ads do get annoying. Now this plug turns the ad spots on your favorite web pages and others a like into a virtually art gallery, with images changing every couple of weeks.

Here is the problem, just like in every other form of entertainment advertising is an economic necessary evil. With-out it. The NY Times online might come with an online subscription fee. You favorite blogs would vanish. Why, because nothing in life is free. Someone is paying for it. So why would you want to remove the one thing, even if you never click on them. That is keeping it Free for you! If you still have a mainstream advertising hate on, then follow the link, and gallery up your internet with a Picaso or two!
Legal - Using Software found here - to make or distribute copies of CopyRight material is strictly prohibited. Making a copy of something you own to play on your own media player is with in your own right